Leading at Light Speed

Leading at Light Speed© is a new book for anyone and everyone who cares to build organizations that perform at very high levels, as measured by profitability, growth, and customer retention. Discover the ten quantum leaps that build high-performing organizations.

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Quantum Leap #1: Align the Core Values

Today let’s talk about the first step to building a high performing organization: aligning the core values. Every human has a set of core values. You have yours, I have mine. Sometimes these are in conflict. To make things more complex, every culture has a set of core values. In an increasingly globalized world, with increasingly diverse workplaces, this means there are more and more opportunities for core values to collide.




5 Signs of an Innovative Organization

It’s easy to spot an organization that has high levels of spark: People feel free to challenge the status quo. People go way beyond what you would normally expect. People feel their work is fun. People feel unconstrained by rank or hierarchy to suggest improvements. People share their ideas openly about how to improve things.